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Today, publishing life stories and memoirs has become the most popular way to remember and record your life history and what it means to you.

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Life Stories and

Your life, your stories, your gift  
for current and future generations

Biographies and family histories are more traditional ways of detailing and recording a person’s or a family’s life together.

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Biographies and
Family Histories

For independent writers who just need some help to get started or to complete a project, Your Biography offers consulting sessions.

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Writing Support
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Principal Biographer
Gillian Ednie

Gillian studied literature and history at university, and later obtained a Master of Administration to support her career as management consultant in the health care system. Gillian has worked in most health care sectors, and it was through her research into spiritual health, specifically pastoral care and chaplaincy services, that she discovered the multiple health and wellness benefits of biography for clients and their families. She is also a former Oceania Regional Coordinator of the Association of Personal Historians (APH); a world-wide professional association for the personal history and biography industry. More recently Gillian has become a foundational member of Life Stories Australia Inc, the Australian association for biography and life story professionals, and is bound by it's Code of Ethics.


BA, Dip Ed, M Admin (Monash), Certified GAB Instructor


Gillian is a full-time biographer. She started her biography business, Your Biography, in 2008. Her first biography, Nothing’s Impossible! The Alan Rea Story was published in February 2009 with team members Dan Ednie-Lockett and Ev Beissbarth. The group’s second biography, Burtta Cheney – A Life in Golf, was published in November 2010.

More recently, the group has ghost-written and published My Life in Broadcasting: It’s been a lot of fun
by Cliff Peel, and From West to East   by Alex and Chris Gorrie.

Major Publications

Dear Gill

Many thanks for turning my ramblings into a coherent story. Also for the way you have turned my diverse range of life stories into an interesting and hopefully entertaining yarn.

All the best,

Cliff Peel


Cliff Peel, 29 April 2016

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