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A Present that Keeps on Giving!

Stuck for a meaningful present to give to a cherished family member, or to give to yourself this year? Christmas sometimes dumps us between a rock and the proverbial and sadly the joy of giving can become one of the most stressful times of the year.

We can easily buy another superfluous present that may never be used, or gift our loved ones the opportunity to support a free-trade organisation, or sponsorship program, but know grandpa won’t appreciate your need to give a goat or arrange a Kiva loan.

Appreciate recycling but can’t find the right ‘preloved’ something. Prefer giving ‘experiences’ but…

The solution is here! Wouldn’t you love to give a present that:

· keeps on giving

· is fully recyclable

· gives off no carbon, so no need for carbon thingies

· is 100% customisable and unique to each person

· provides a rewarding, and for some a therapeutic experience

· connects the past with the present and the future

· lasts forever

· is unique and incomparable for the person who has everything

· ensures your inherence, your family stories and wisdom are never lost when loved ones depart – your family legacy

· the timing is always right because it’s always relevant right now.

So, what is this best gift of all time for the person and family that has everything? It’s their life story! Recording and sharing your life story or gifting the life story of a loved one is the ultimate present that keeps on giving. To suit everyone and every budget, it can also be presented as a book, photo book, an audio recording, a video a or a mixture of all.

If you may have already started sharing family stories over the Christmas dinner table, and seen the joy of connecting the younger and older generations, now is the time to take the next step! You can start today by contacting a professional life story professional who can chat with you to find the best way of recording and sharing a life story or a family history that is precious to you.

A new association, Life Stories Australia Inc, has just been established to help people find resources and support people to help them give this gift to themselves and their loved ones. Go to the website: to discover how you can do it differently this Christmas!

Gillian Ednie

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