Just Magnificent – Lessons from  a Life in Golf,  Brian Twite, 2018

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After two years in the development, the inspirational life story of Brian Twite OAM, Just Magnificent – Lessons from a Life in Golf, is about to be published and will be available by early December 2018.


The book is about Brian’s love of golf and the wisdom he has accumulated over his early years as a teaching professional in the United Kingdom, and his last 60-plus years at The Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne. 


Brian’s teaching lineage goes right back to Jack Lovelock at Kings Lynn, Harold Atkinson at Abbeyfield, and the famous Arthur Lees at Sunningdale Golf Club before he was recruited by a group of Metropolitan members to come to Australia in 1955. Brian outlines the classic principles and art of teaching he learnt in his youth which he has refined over time and still teaches today.

While Brian is a renowned storyteller, this is the first time he has told the stories of his inner game – how he grew up, became an exceptional golfer, a devoted club professional and a gifted teacher. In the process, Brian reveals what has inspired him, what makes him tick, and what keeps him teaching today. By further sharing his lessons and his golfing fundamentals, Brian hopes he can help even more golfers be the best that they can be.


With the help of biographer Gillian Ednie, who started her lessons with Brian as a teenager, stories about Brian’s impact from family, friends, and pupils to famous golfers, such as Gary Player, have also been included.


Originally intended as a gift for his 90th birthday, the project began with a just few audio recordings of Brian’s personal life to be shared with his family. However, as his bigger life story unfolded the project developed a momentum of its own. It soon became apparent that many important stories and his legacy, as a teacher and an elder in the golf club, had not been recorded and were in danger of being lost.  Just Magnificent – Lessons from a Life in Golf can now be shared with his much-loved family, friends and wider golfing community.


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Copies are also available from:

- The pro shop at Metropolitan Golf Club, Golf Road South Oakleigh, VIC 3167, and

- My Bookshop, 513 Malvern Road, Hawksburn VIC 3142, www.mybookshop.com.au.