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The Inside Story

by Brian Twite

Brian Twite OAM, acclaimed teacher and professional golfer, life member of The Metropolitan Golf Club, and inductee into the Victorian Golf Industry Hall of Fame, is now 90 years old and is yet to tell his life story. Brian is a well-known and prolific teller of stories - it is part of who he is and a key part of his teaching style. He has told his favourite stories countless times to countless people; many of these stories have also been published in a book of his favourite anecdotes and golf tips, Rubbing Shoulders with the Greats, in 2010. But Brian has not told the stories of his inner world: how he grew up, became a great golfer, a great club professional and a great teacher; what made him tick, what really matters to him, and what are the values and wisdom that have inspired him to inspire so many others over his long lifetime.

Brian's story is still in the pipeline and will be available in early 2018.

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From West to East
by Alex and Chris Gorrie

​Our most recent double biography and family history has been the most delightful and rewarding project. Originally commissioned for Alex's 90th birthday in 2016, the project grew to include Chris's life story too. It covered their family ancestry on both sides, their growing up years, meeting and falling in love, their married life together, their careers, the arrival of their children and grandchildren, and finally their amazing words of wisdom, their legacy dedicated to their children and grandchildren. As they summed up on the back cover:


   This is our story.
   It’s also our family history, as we have traced the lives and times of our distant         ancestors through to the current lives of children and grandchildren. Just as we

   have learned from the generations before us, we want you and all our Gorrie
   descendants to know who we really were, how we lived, what we stand for, and         just how much we have loved you and each other in our lives together. In this

   way, our life story, From West to East, is our enduring gift and legacy to you all.

My Life in Broadcasting: It's been a lot of fun
by Cliff Peel

Cliff Peel has spent his entire career on the front line of broadcasting in both radio and television. He has thrived on change and adventure, and now has a remarkable story to tell. He was in news radio journalism and television for forty years and has pretty much seen it all from when journalists used Morse code to send stories from the bush to regional stations, to the first uses of sound inserts that could be played in the middle of a broadcast, to the modern 24 hour news cycle.

Published by Your Biography in 2016. Available in Australia from BookPod and internationally from Amazon for both print and kindle formats.

Burtta Cheney: A Life in Golf 
by Gillian Ednie

Burtta Cheney, MBE, renowned Australian golf champion, administrator and founder of junior promotion, still has much wisdom to offer younger golfers.


Burtta’s stories, stretching over eight decades, will amuse and edify golf lovers of all ages. Fond memories will be evoked for the Anglesea girls, and the many others, that she inspired to make golf a treasured and indispensible part of their lives. This biography is a celebration of Burtta Cheney’s love, lessons and life in golf.

On her 95th birthday, Burtta summed up how much her book meant to her.

Dear Gill  

  Thank you for helping me celebrate my 95th birthday. Thank you for giving me the    most wonderful thing I could imagine – an entire book about me!!!!!!!

  With my love,


Nothing's Impossible: The Alan Rea Story​
by Daniel Ednie-Lockett 

In the last two months of his life, Alan Rea set out the stories and lessons of his amazing life to his sixteen year old great nephew. Alan shares his adventures and reflections through his early years in the Depression, the challenges of war, the emergence of the civil aviation industry and the creation of his own Flinders Island Airlines, one of Australia’s first commercial airlines.

Nothing’s Impossible! captures the audacity and daring of one of Australia’s aviating greats, providing a complete romp for plane enthusiasts who love the cheek of a true larrikin. But beneath the achievements and the anecdotes, the philosophy that nothing is impossible which fuelled Alan’s aviation, business and travel adventures, leaves its mark on a young listener and all those who read this story.