Your Biography provides a wide range of biography services designed to suit the individual needs, preferences and budgets of our clients. Biography projects can range from support and encouragement for those who wish to write their autobiography to a commercially produced biography of a friend or family member, see our published biography books.


A biography is a detailed description of a person’s life and their experience of that life. It generally includes a person’s origins, milestones and relationships in chronological order from the cradle to the present. At Your Biography we also focus on the person's life stories , on what is most important to them, and the values and  wisdom they have gained along the way. For this reason, our biographies are also often referred to as personal histories, life stories or memoirs and can be completely shaped to the life story we are helping our clients to capture and record.

We can help you create:

  • a traditional biography containing all your major milestones and life stories from the cradle to current times.

  • a collection of your favourite stories – your happiest or funniest stories, for example.

  • your story about one favourite area, or a passionate endeavour in your life - your career, your golfing history, your travels, your philosophy etc., or

  • your life story in pictures – a collection of your favourite photos or art work with captions or short stories to explain their significance.


We can also help you create a video of your favourite life stories and wisdom, an audio recording of your stories, or a legacy letter which is a summary of your values and philosophy that you want to share with your family now and into the future. 



When more than one person in a family is involved, a personal biography soon becomes a family history.  In this way, you can gather a whole family of voices, photos and stories into one book. You can include as many past generations as you know, the current family and make space for those yet to come.



Family businesses, corporations and community organisations also have important stories to tell and to preserve. You can immortalise your family or business dynasty, or the emergence of a new industry, through an organisational history. Documenting the often humble beginnings of men and women, tracing their initiatives and successes and recording their impact on history can also be a richly rewarding experience and legacy to leave future generations.



For independent writers who just need some help to get started or to complete a project, Your Biography offers consulting sessions. Through in-person meetings, phone or email, we can help explore options, clarify purpose and provide all manner of support needed for those writing an autobiography, biography or family history. 



Your Biography is a registered publisher and can turn your biography or history into a book, ebook or audio visual format in any quantity. For books in particular, our production team can advise on your options regarding design and formatting, paper size and quality, cover types and printing methods to best suit your project and your budget.



As every project is unique, you will need to contact us for more details. We can then arrange a complimentary meeting to get to know each other and explore all our options before preparing a detailed proposal for your consideration.

To start sharing your story, please contact Your Biography today by phoning 0425 770 605 or emailing Gillian at, see our Contact page.

Your Biography is a founding member of Life Stories Australia Inc, the Australian Association of Life Story professionals.  Find out more here