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What is GAB?

Recognised throughout the world, Guided Autobiography (GAB) is a valued method to help people recall, write and share their life stories. Each two-hour session begins with some fun exercises to stimulate memories and creativity, followed by a discussion on the life themes that participants will write on for the following week. These themes start with branching points and move on to family, health, major life works and many more. In the second part of the class, participants read their two pages to the group which triggers more memories, and many shared understandings and insights. Sharing stories in the group is widely considered to be a most enjoyable and rewarding experience for both readers and listeners.


The Gift of GAB

Participating in a GAB course is a win-win-win situation. Benefits include increases in: health and wellbeing, social connectedness, memory, creativity, insights and wisdom, appreciation and acceptance of life, and of other people’s lives. While the process itself is hugely rewarding, recording your life stories and wisdom for family, friends and future generations is a priceless gift that only you can give.


Your GAB Guide – Gillian Ednie

I have been working as a biographer and ghost writer for the past eight years, and am an accredited GAB instructor. I love helping people relive and record their life stories, and believe that GAB is brilliant for being able to extend this experience to many more people through the support and power of the group.


The GAB classes                                                             

Classes in 2017 will cover eight key life themes over a ten-week period. Each class will run for two hours, and be limited to a minimum of seven and a maximum of 14 participants. No previous writing experience is necessary. However, you will need to have the time and commitment to attend every class (baring catastrophes), and to write your two pages every week, allow another two hours.

For further information, class times and enrolment details, please contact Gillian at: Your Biography, Mobile: 0425 770 605,    Email:, see Contact page.

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