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About the project
This project is raising funds to complete and publish the remarkable life story and fundamental teachings of Brian Twite OAM. After two years in the pipeline, Brian’s autobiography has reached its final stages of writing and we are now taking pre-orders, donations or sponsorships to make the project a reality. 

About the book

With forewords from Gary Player and Mike Clayton, the forthcoming book, The Life of Brian Twite: Legendary Golf Teacher, reveals Brian’s life story and the timeless fundamentals of golf and of life that he still teaches today.

Brian Twite OAM, acclaimed teacher and professional golfer, life member of The Metropolitan Golf Club, and inductee into the Victorian Golf Industry Hall of Fame, now at 92, has agreed to tell his inspirational life story. Brian is a well-known and prolific story teller - it is part of who he is and a key part of his teaching style. He has told his favourite stories countless times; and many of these have also been published in a book of his favourite anecdotes and golf tips, Rubbing Shoulders with the Greats, in 2010. But Brian has never shared the stories of his inner world and the getting of his wisdom: how he grew up (one of 12), survived the navy as a teenager, became a great golfer, a great club professional and a great teacher. 

Brian’s teaching lineage goes back to the teachings of from Jack Lovelock at Kings Lynn, Harold Atkinson at Abbeyfield, and the famous Arthur Lees at Sunningdale Golf Club in the United Kingdom. Brian outlines the classic fundamentals and art of teaching he learnt in his youth and refined over time, which are all still so relevant today. With an inexhaustible love of teaching, Brian estimates he has given a staggering 150,000 lessons over the past 70 years. 

In this book, Brian also reveals what has made him tick, what really matters to him, and what are the key values that have inspired him to inspire so many others over his long lifetime. Brian, long-time grandfather of golf, still teaches every day, and now hopes by sharing his story he can help even more golfers be the best they can be, both on and off the course.

Extract from the Book

As a teacher, my gift has been to help people recognise, respect and believe in their unique gifts, and express their highest potential by seeking to be the best they can be as themselves, not a copy of someone else. Once that’s done, my simple philosophy of golf, and life, is to:

  • accept the lie you are given and adapt to as best you can

  • work around what you can’t change

  • don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future – only now matters

  • get on with it – follow your energy – take the initiative, test new things and the way forward will appear

  • when adversity strikes – when hit by grief, yours or others – just keep going, keep working, keep being you. Don’t stay home and weep, continue to show up in your place for your purpose in the world. Again, accept the lie and the life you have. It may be very different to the one you wanted, but it will still be a great life because it’s the one you have been given.

These simple truths have sustained me for over ninety years and teaching them to others keeps a spring in my step.

About the Biographer

Gillian Ednie started writing biographies in 2008 and is a keen golfer and student of Brian Twite. Gillian started having lessons with Brian when she was a young 14-year-old in the early 1970s and still has regular tune-ups and alignments which keep her on the fairway today.

Originally intended as a gift for his 90th birthday, the project began with a just few audio recordings of Brian’s personal life to be shared with his family. However, as his bigger life story unfolded the project developed a momentum of its own. It soon became apparent that many important stories and his ethos, as a teacher and an elder in the golf club, had not been recorded and were in danger of being lost.  Over the past two years Gillian has collaborated with Brian to help him recall, reflect upon and write his new book, The Life of Brian Twite: Legendary Golf Teacher, which he now wants to share with his much-loved family, friends and wider golfing community. 

Pre-orders and Donations

All pre-orders of the paperback include a bonus digital version and postage (if needed).

The funds raised will enable us to finish the book, decide on the print run and publish it in print and eBook form. Please choose from the following options:

  • $50 or more – paperback, digital edition and postage

  • $80 or more – signed edition by Brian Twite 

  • $250 or more –  video recorded personal lesson with Brian Twite

  • $1,000 or more –  company/organisational sponsorship with company logo and recognition (maximum 3 available) 

Pledge AU $40 or more

Receive a pre-order of the digital edition

Pledge AU $60 or more

Receive a pre-order of the paperback edition

Pledge AU $100 or more

Receive a paperback edition with a signature from Brian Twite

Pledge AU $250 or more

Recognition in the acknowledgements section at the front of the book

Pledge AU $1000 or more

Company / Organisation sponsorship. Logo on the back cover, inside the front cover on the dust jacket and a special dedication (Maximum 3 available) 

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